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Advanced Hand Sanitizer

Easy to use
Instantly removes germs & bacteria
Requires no water or towel after use
More effective than soap in killing germs

Anti-Acne Capsule

Treats & prevents acne
Skin-friendly nutrients
Purifies the impurities in blood
No side-effects

Anti-Acne Cream

Soak excess skin oil
Kills acne causing bacteria
Heals pimples from first use
Give acne free glowing skin

Anti-Acne Soap

Controls skin bacteria
Soft on skin & face
Prevents acne & pimples
Cleanses face & body

Anti-Pigmentation Cream

Lightens the skin tone
Stops hyper pigmentation
Clears age spots & old scars

Blackheads removal scrub

Daily scrub for clear skin
Removes black heads in just 3 days
Leaves skin glowing & fresh
Cleans clogged Pores

Gentle Face Wash

Removes dirt & excessive oils
Unclogs pores
Give flawless & fresh skin

Hair Removal Cream

Provides silky smooth skin
Delays re-growth of un-wanted hair
Ensures care for every skin type