Leeford Healthcare Limited was started with a modest product range of 26 products on 24th February 2006. Today, it has to its credit, 700+ life saving and life changing products, and a track record of growth & success spanning over a decade. Its success is driven with a balanced integration of high quality healthcare & personal care products, covering 25+ therapeutic segments.

Rigorous research work, top-of- the-line production and strong distribution has placed Leeford on the path of success & made it capable to carve a niche at national & international level. Today, it has a renowned name in derma, cardio-diabetic and its products are well accepted by healthcare professionals, patients, beauty professionals and consumers across geographies.

At Leeford we believe in maintenance or improvement of health via new innovations in pharmaceutical indusrty. There are indeed “cures” for most symptoms, and we care about the faith of people who have become accustomed to putting their health in our hands.