Leeford currently caters more than 490 pharmaceuticals products in most dosage forms & all major therapeutic categories. The company's product can be found at virtually every healthcare facility in India.

Leeford To Set Up A US FDA Approved Manufacturing Plant

Leeford plans to set up its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the upcoming financial year. The plant which is supposed to be US FDA certified will cater the US and European markets. Own manufacturing operations will make Leeford the process owner and immediately surge the sales domestically and internationally. The unit is expected to have production equipments necessary for production of tablets, capsules, syrups, dry syrups, injections etc.

Expanding Operations in Middle-East & SAARC Nations

To widen the scope of coverage, Leeford Healthcare Ltd recently inaugurated an Export Branch Office in Sector- 18, Noida. The initial coverage plan comprises of capturing Middle East, Africa, ASEAN & SAARC countries. A dedicated team of officials having rich experience in the filed of Export Marketing are working very hard to place a mark in these countries. Leeford aims to penetrate in these foreign markets with the Healthcare & Personal Care products. The main motive behind this expansion strategy is to create a Healthy World with Happy Living.

Leeford Launches its MEGLOW Range….Smart Steps To Fairness…!!

MEGLOW….A complete fairness range to balance your skin tone & fade away the discolorations, for better & beautiful looks. Leeford recently launched its fairness range in the market with the brand name- MEGLOW. This beautifying kit includes Meglow Face Wash, Meglow fairness cream, Meglow Bleaching Cream, Meglow foundation and Meglow Body Wash. The range promises to provide naturally fair & instantly glowing skin.

Fastest Route of Drug Administration- I.V.Fluids

Compare with the other routes of Drug administration the intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver fluids & medications throughout the body. Leeford Healthcare Ltd. understanding this fact proudly enters in this segment. In this open prospective Ofloxacin I.V. infusion & Levofloxacin I.V. infusion are introduced. Both these infusions come in the pack of 100 ml size as a single dose container. This is just a beginning, the company is dedicated to enrich lives globally with the quality pharmaceutical products.

Breakthrough in Oncology

Leeford Healthcare Ltd is all set to launch FENTANYL CITRATE, a potent opoid analgesic. This drug is specially indicated fro the management of breakthrough pain in Cancer patients who are already receiving and tolerant to opoid therapy for their underlying persistant Cancer pain. Fentanyl is supplied as a sublingual tablet designed for oral administration. The recommended initial dose of the drug is 100 mcg. More Oncology drugs are in pipeline for the treatment of cancer, developed after intensive research in quality, performance and the capacity to decrease the spreading cancer cells subsequently.