Research & Development

Research & Development Landscape in the Pharma Industry has altered pertaining to global trends, healthcare reforms, patient needs & rising costs of the industry. Our early investments in this arena was to constantly improve and introduce new formulations to become a key differentiator in generics market.

Our Research Strategy & implementation are well supported by an intellectually strong team having numerous years of experience in the field of Production, dosage Forms, Chemistry & Analytical Techniques.

We are growing and hence this wing of the Company is also being nurtured as per the current requirements of the market. Leeford employs a team of hard core project management professionals who actually can understand the consumer dynamics in terms of their need and prototype the same into the desired delighted offerings with paramount quality at most reasonable price.

Our team of qualified professionals are working continuously on new and improved product formulations & product stability so as to meet the upcoming healthcare challenges in the best possible way.

Our R&D set up is not only operational but also fertile focussing entirely on the introduction of branded Generic drugs in the domestic as well as international markets.

Our Research Capability helps us maintain our position of innovators & leaders in the market, striking proof of which is that, we are a company operating with the largest number of products spanning over a huge therapeutic range.